Oct 25, 2012

#ELearning Now: Top Articles and Trending Tweets (10-25-12)

Here are some of the top articles and blog posts in the #ELearning world right now. Feel free to discuss the content in the comments section below.

We’ll follow these up with some trending tweets in e-learning.

The Tribune: “Digital Textbook Helps Students Become Better Learners”

“Using iPad tablets distributed in class, students have the opportunity to highlight, take interactive quizzes, utilize the glossary and even have the book read aloud, said Texter, of West Deer Township. They also have the option of downloading content at home or printing a PDF version of the readings.”

Getting Smart: “The Case for Authentic Education”

“It was John Dewey who created the notion of “learning by doing.” His famous line was, “Education is not preparation for life: Education is life itself.” And years later it was Jerome Bruner who stated that it wasn’t enough to learn, say, history. The more successful approach would be to teach students to think like a historian.”

E-Learning 24/7 Blog – “E-Learning Zombie Edition – Includes Trends and Duds”

“The trends I’m seeing are backing up the break up. But just in case the lemmings reappear as Zombies, I’ll have my Zombie Apocalypse preparedness plan to review. And I will be watching out. Looking around and keeping an eye on it. It being the e-learning industry.”




DLNews10 #ELearning Now: Top Articles and Trending Tweets (10 25 12)

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